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CCI projects

A CCI project is a grouping of user accounts with a shared purpose, shared data, and shared resource allocation. Projects are subject to a review process in which relevance to the CCI mission and goals shape what portion of CCI resources each project will receive.

What constitutes a project is purely up to you. You may want to group several research activities together as one project for convenience of management and data sharing (although this may impact resource allocation). Specific research activities with confidentiality restrictions must be single projects of their own. Again, the choice is yours; just be mindful of the review and resource assignment process.

New project setup

To request a CCI project be created, complete the CCI Project Information Form then forward the form to for handling through the review and approval process. Project forms must be sent by the sponsor requesting the project, or, in the case of an affiliate project, by an organization manager.

You will need the following information:

  1. Project title – something simple that you will recognize and that will differentiate the project from others
  2. Project description – a short description that will aid in the project review process
  3. Project participants – list the names of people that need accounts for the project. For an RPI project, if an individual is a student, please identify the student's thesis advisor. Do not list people who will not need accounts. Conversely, a project sponsor is not automatically considered a participant. If the sponsor needs an account, they should also be listed as a participant.

When filling the project organization, affiliates should take care to correctly indicate to which share/slice/branch of the system the project is assigned. Correctly indicating where to assign projects is the responsibility of the organization manager(s).

Only staff and faculty may sponsor an RPI project.

If there are more participants than rows on the form, submit additional copies of the form together listing those additional participants.

Once a sponsor has completed the project form, each project participant must then (1) complete the first part of the CCI User Information Form and (2) read and sign the CCI User Responsibility agreement. Both the form and the agreement should be forwarded to for processing.

For the fastest and smoothest project review and creation, a project form and all associated user information forms and user agreements should be sent together by the project sponsor, or, in the case of affiliate project, by an organization manager.

In summary, CCI userid creation is a two step process:

  1. The project sponsor submits a CCI Project Information Form to define a project and its participants.
  2. Each participant submits a CCI User Information Form and a CCI User Responsibility Agreement.

Update an existing project

You may add new participants at any time. You can use the same CCI Project Information Form to update an existing project. Make sure to mark that it's an update and list the project code of the project to be updated. Failure to do this may cause the update to be rejected or a duplicate project to be created. Project updates must be sent by the project sponsor, or, in the case of an affiliate project, by an organization manager.

A sponsor may also make a request by email to support to deactivate a user on an existing project.


Last update: March 17, 2023