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"Projects" are a group of user accounts with a shared purpose, shared data, and shared resource allocation.

What constitutes a project is purely up to you. You may want to group several research activities together as one project for convenience of management and data sharing (although this may impact resource allocation). Specific research activities with confidentiality restrictions must be single projects of their own. Again, the choice is yours; just be mindful of the review and resource assignment process.

Projects are subject to a review process in which relevance our mission and goals shape what portion of CCI resources each project will receive.

All projects require a 'Project Sponsor'. This person is responsible for project specific user management such as adding or removing users from a project or requesting changes to resource quotas.

Any RPI faculty or staff member may serve as a project sponsor.

For partner organizations, pre-approved managers serve as project sponsors.

New project setup

To request a new project, The following forms must be submitted by the project sponsor to via email to

NOTE: Project sponsors should take care to correctly indicate to which share/slice/branch of the system the project is assigned, if known. Correctly indicating where to assign projects is the responsibility of the project sponsor.

NOTE: Project sponsors are not automatically considered project participants. If the sponsor needs an account, they should also be listed as a participant.

Once a sponsor has completed the project form, each project participant must then:

  1. Complete the User Information Form
  2. Read and sign the User Responsibility Agreement

For the quickest project review and creation, the project form, all associated user information forms and user agreements should be sent together by the project sponsor.

In summary, project account creation is a two step process:

  1. The project sponsor submits a Project Information Form to define a project and its participants.
  2. Each participant submits a User Information Form and a User Responsibility Agreement.

Updating an existing project

New user accounts may be added to a project at any time using the same Project Information Form.

Existing CCI users applying for new user accounts on a different project need not resubmit the User Responsibility or User Information forms, but the project sponsor must submit an updated Project Information Form.

NOTE: Make sure to mark that the change is an update and list the project code of the project to be updated. Failure to do this may cause the update to be rejected or a duplicate project to be created.

User accounts can be modified, restricted or disabled at the request of the project sponsor.