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IBM PowerAI (renamed Watson Studio) is a packaging of common machine learning software, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, from IBM using conda. It is intended for use at CCI on the DCS system.


  1. The install is nearly 15 GB. Make sure your CCI project has sufficient space or place in project “scratch-shared” space which does not have a quota.
  2. Before installing PowerAI, first setup a basic conda environment. It is recommended to configure the shared package cache before installing PowerAI.


To install all packages in PowerAI:

  1. Add the PowerAI channel: conda config --add channels
  2. conda install powerai python=3.6


  1. Allocate 1 AiMOS node for 30 mins: salloc –N 1 –t 30
  2. Get AiMOS node hostname via “squeue” command and ssh to node
  3. Run TF test: ~/scratch/miniconda3/bin/tensorflow-test

Note, some tests (e.g., MNIST) can’t download test datasets.