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System Status

Information about cluster availablilty and anonymised job queues can be seen on our System Status page.

Recent Changes

  • Job priorities are calculated by factoring a user's project allocation, the job's size, the time it has been in the queue, and where it is to run. The relative priorities of pending jobs may be viewed with the sprio command.


CCI will have down time scheduled every two weeks. These outages will begin at 0800 hours Eastern time and end by the end of business the same day. These outages will be at the discretion of the CCI support staff and will generally not require the entire alloted time. These events will also facilitate any extremely large benchmark type runs that may have accumulated for any of the systems. For example, if you have a job queued which uses an entire cluster and the job has not been run due to scheduling difficulty the job will be run either just before or just after the maintenance window.