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IBM Analog Hardware Acceleration Kit.

Instructions on loading the prebuild AIHW toolkit at CCI and running a brief test example. Additional information on using this toolkit can be found at and the documentation page .

These instructions have been tested on our AiMOSx (NPL) cluster.



Verify Conda, If you get errors you either don't have conda installed, or have the PPC version loaded instead. See Prerequisite link.

$ conda -V

load AIHW Toolkit conda env

$ conda activate /gpfs/u/software/npl-conda/aihwkit_v3_67abd25

Test the simulator

$ git clone
$ cd aihwkit
$ python examples/

Using the simulator

When using the simulator make sure you run on compute nodes not the front end nodes (nplfen01/npl41). Information on using the schedule can be found on our Slurm Page. For short, interactive use see the Interactive section.