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The Simmetrix tools are installed on the ERP and DRP systems.

Request access to the Simmetrix tools based by emailing with the subject "Access to Simmetrix at CCI" with the following fields completed:

CCI User Name:
Academic or Industrial User:
Department or Company Name:
Brief description of interest in Simmetrix tools:

On each system the environment variable SIM_INSTALL_DIR will be set to the SimModSuite install directory path by loading the module. Other useful environment variables set by the module can be listed with the following command:

module show <module name>

DRP cluster

module load simmetrix/simModSuite

ERP cluster

On erp01 or a himem node (see the ERP wiki for details):

module load gcc/7.4.0-vuvgy2j openmpi/4.0.1-jklawme
module load simmetrix-simmodsuite


Once the module is loaded HTML formatted documentation can be accessed here: