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The landing pad systems act as gateways to the CCI resources. The landing pads mount the GPFS file system. The DCS and other clusters and resources are accessed by first connecting to a landing pad then connecting to the appropriate system.

The landing pad systems (and front-end nodes) are not to be used for compute intensive tasks. Compute intensive tasks running on landing pads may be stopped by staff without warning. Please submit a serial job to one of the cluster queues. If you need to interact with the job, connect to the node(s) when they are allocated by the scheduler. If you require an interactive session consider launching an interactive job through the scheduler requesting an X terminal:

salloc xterm -e 'ssh -X `srun hostname`'


The following landing pads are available for SSH connections and require two-factor authentication. Currently two support the old TOTP codes, and two use the new Duo codes. <- TOTP <- TOTP <- Duo <- Duo

All of these hosts share the same SSH public key fingerprint:

2048 MD5:2f:47:46:88:d8:62:b0:d1:54:ba:10:01:05:d0:a0:60 (RSA)
256 MD5:5e:3b:a6:a2:12:ba:ac:42:26:ae:5b:28:b0:1e:e5:11 (ECDSA)
256 MD5:bf:d2:53:5b:2a:cf:cd:38:b1:72:e0:63:9d:9d:f1:93 (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:YRNQZfBn6i3/O4OuwDjsVIc0Lx2kVaBUfb8Uy0O8oYs (RSA)
256 SHA256:b5UqZU6ucjzzL/DbgR2z2VT0daYSLjutA9UJBm2ciZA (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:m3kUD+3EWcjnsLR6CjP4I94dkImJ/HwA9ynvnEUJySQ (ED25519)

Data Movement

Use your favorite SCP client to transfer data to the landing pad systems. Connections to external systems from the landing pads are not allowed, except specific connections through the proxy; data transfers will generally have to be initiated externally, whether transferring data to or from CCI. All of the landing pads have access to the GPFS storage.

Connecting to Other Systems

To access other systems for job submission or compilation, you need to ssh from the landing pad to the appropriate system.

To access a system scheduled on the Landing Pads via ssh to debug or otherwise interact with your job you can use the hostname(s) indicated by Slurm.

Last update: April 1, 2023