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DCS 2024 Partition Software and notes

We have created a new partition on the AiMOS (DCS) cluster called DCS-2024 where newer versions of CUDA can be run. There are currently 20 nodes available, and we will be gradually expanding it. Since there is currently no frontend node with this software, please use the “interactive” qos to allocated a node on dcs-2024 for compiles or other testing. Please let us know if you run into any problems using these updated nodes.

  • Jobs can select this partition by specifying -p dcs-2024 on the command line or in your sbatch file
  • SpectrumMPI is currently not working on this partition, use OpenMPI if needed for now
  • Nvidia driver version is 535.104.05 which supports CUDA 11.8 and 12.x
  • The Nvidia HPC SDK version 24.1 is available on these nodes, and is the working method for loading CUDA 11.8 or 12.3 with OpenMPI. Usage documentation is available at . module use /opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/modulefiles
  • If you only need CUDA, you can load it using these commands module use /gpfs/u/software/dcs-2024/modulefiles module use cuda/11.8 #or module use cuda/12.1