A Comprehensive Suite of Compilers, Libraries and Tools for HPC

The NVIDIA HPC Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the proven compilers, libraries and software tools essential to maximizing developer productivity and the performance and portability of HPC applications. https://developer.nvidia.com/hpc-sdk

This is available on the DCS, NPL and NGH clusters.

Cluster Versions
DCS 21.2, 21.3, 22.11
NPL 23.9
NGH 24.1
module use /opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/modulefiles
module spider
module load nvhpc


Contains the following components: nvc++, nvc, nvfortran, nvcc, NCCL, NVSHMEM, cuBLAS, cuFFT, cuFFTMp, cuRAND, cuSOLVER, cuSOLVERMp, cuSPARSE, cuTENSOR, Nsight Compute, Nsight Systems, OpenMPI, HPC-X, OpenBLAS, Scalapack, Thrust, CUB, libcu++

Detailed version details at https://docs.nvidia.com/hpc-sdk/archive/22.11/hpc-sdk-release-notes/index.html#release-components