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User Accounts

Initial Setup

After your CCI account is approved you will recieve two emails. The first contains your username and orientation information. The 2nd will be a password reset link that can be used to set your initial password.

  1. Set password using the link provided via email. It may take a few minutes for a password change to take effect.
  2. Login to CCI client portal at . You will be prompted to setup Two Factor authentication with Duo by enrolling an Android or iOS device.

Once you have set a password and enrolled in Duo you can login to our systems usings SSH.

If you work in multiple CCI projects each will have a unique username, but will share the same password and Duo enrollment.


While Duo does support various hardware tokens they do not work well with SSH.


CCI has recently changed from our previous two factor system using TOTP and google authenticator. As part of this change we have retired the use of PIC codes and challenge words.

Last update: January 25, 2024